Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the joys of Cast painting

Despite how a lot of my posts portray me, at heart I am still a traditionalist. I like realism. This is a cast painting under way at home right now. Actually I have grown bored and it's been waiting for a couple of months to be finished. I only have patience for faces ussually. but I think the colors are turning out nice. So there you go.


Sam Nielson said...

You've handled the lighting beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Great job with the color. I'm curious to know what your pallete of colors is for painting plaster casts. I've been trying to get my students to see color more on white surfaces and you've really nailed it!

It looks finished to me. Are you done?

Jonathan said...

Great work you have on here, David. This is a beautiful piece of work.

David Malan said...

No, This isn't finished. I really just use the basic red, yellow, black, and white, maybe brown. Most of the blue comes from the black.
Thanks for looking

Anonymous said...


very fine work!

I've enjoyed reading through your posts. I completely concur with your greatest living aritist list.

(kartina putina ochen smeshno)



iridescence said...

u ve gr8 mastery in portrait!!....Well...i like this much more!!