Monday, July 10, 2006

Old Woman

Here is the color version of the old woman painting started below. I think it turned out pretty well. I am really a fan of Painter these days, it's such an easy way to work. Unfortunately, I have no tangible painting to hold when I'm done.
it is a woman though she I contemplated making her a man.
Another painting I like the colors but it never really got finished. Alan Greenspan has about the coolest face in the world.


Sam Nielson said...

Nothing short of awesome. Great faces.

Kevin Keele said...

I am in complete agreement with Sam.

Kyle Marshall said...

Your work is amazing, absolutely amazing, I will stopping by alot, wow.

chhuy-ing said...

Wow! Very nice work here! Do you start from photographic references?

Mauricio said...

Hi Dave,

Great artwork you have, congratulations!

I like so much,

my best, from Rio

David Malan said...

I am all about photo reference. I like detail and its hard to make up.