Monday, August 31, 2015

Art Drop Day

Any of my friends in the northern Utah area keep an eye out for this #ArtDropDay piece I plan on leaving somewhere tomorrow afternoon. Sorry you'll probably have to keep an eye on my Instagram or Twitter to get the clue immediately.


MrLich said...

Fascinating idea! (And beautiful art, as usual.)

Do you do art drops frequently?

David Malan said...

Thanks, I can't take credit for it. Jake Parker has established a World Art Drop Day that seems to have picked up a lot of steam this year. It's seems to exist more in the Twitters and the Instagram areas where people view it instantaneously. I'm still unsure whether anyone will show up to get it. We'll see.

Kamila Stankiewicz said...

I love your way of shading!
I watch your works from something about two years and I hope I can watch them for many years from now :)