Thursday, August 20, 2015


The latest illustration has a little different style. I've been pushing to let my line work stand out more. I had a feeling the fully rendered style I have been using had a really overworked feeling to it. I think the lines keep it more fresh and overall it is faster. Below you can see a lineup showing the steps to get there. First a rough with pencil and paper, then i move to digital making that really light and tracing over it while adding a rough digital drawing fleshing out much of the detail. Then a second pass again tracing the last but with clean finish lines, then the color work.


cp gysen said...

this image has inspired a friend and i to write a story... if youre interested we'll send it to you when we're done.

very nice work

David Malan said...

Yes, of course I would be interested to hear the story. Funny how I was inspired to paint this based of a excerpt from a story. Full circle, huh?

Allan MacDonald said...

Really love this style you're trying out here. I've been experimenting with more cell-shaded styles and really appreciate the increase in speed.

Citizeness Journalist said...

This is wonderful David!