Monday, April 07, 2008


I am going green!(but only in the background of certain paintings)
I painted this a couple years ago and really kind of like it. It's my wife again but this one had a more quickly painted, in a more simple style. The background turned out well because of it's contrasting color and the looseness, in my opinion. I really liked the background behind her but it got a little mushy looking in the front. Truth is, loose painting is very much harder then tight. Oil on board 11"x14"


Anonymous said...

muy bueno como siempre David !
un gran abrazo

Ken said...

I can assure you it wasn't feigned interest, David!

Personally, I visit your blog for both your traditional and caricature work. They both blow my socks off.

I wish I could paint oils like this. Stunning piece.

. said...

Great as always! veri nice :)

Francis Vallejo said...

Loose is definitely harder!! hahaha..nice painting David

Dillon Thompson said...

Pretty inspiring painting Dave. You have a god range of color present.

Unknown said...

Sir, I am really impressed by your digital art and sketches.. a true inspiration is out here for me. I think I have to really work hard to becoeme 20% of you.

thanks for posting such good work.

Manu Martin

Kevin Keele said...

What's the carbon footprint of this painting? Really beautiful work Dave.

Anders said...

this works really well! I dig the kind of moments you catch in these pieces, you know, the feeling of happy times, no worries, maybe it's because of the green! ^^

(i dig your rocker below too, and no need to say that you're a master of figure drawing!^^)