Thursday, March 27, 2008

Norman Rockwell

I just returned from the east coast, seeing a lot of great art that is much more accessible then out here in the west. I found a couple beautiful Norman Rockwell paintings, it's sad that its still rare to find these treasures done by the golden age illustrators. I visited a couple of modern art galleries where collectively the work didn't equal a single good Rockwell in my eyes.
I found this fantastic photo of Rockwell painting the hard part was stopping. I like the graphic shape/composition of the unfinished piece. I am also trying to push my values and shading, I used to do fully shaded drawings always but have lost the patience for it more recently.


Shawn Escott said...

Nice study! It sounds like you had a wonderful time searching out some beautiful art. I would like to take a good 2 weeks to go and visit the MET in NY. Sketch like crazy and take in all I could. Rockwell was an amazing artist.

. said...

Veri photo drawing,nice lines :)

naturegirl said...

I agree with you completely. I was fortunate enough to pose for him when I was a little girl. Of course, I had no idea the greatness that I was in the presence of, but I do treasure the memory of the day. He gave all my family sketches and one of them was his concept for Braniff. Does that date me? You can see my proof at

I am a big fan, and visit your site often. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

My god
That great teacher, please!
Your drawings are amazing!

As always I am going

Change the direction of my blog!

Anders said...

excellent drawing once again, this unfinished touch gives a little "+" to the piece, that's right, I wonder if it will work this good in a painting.

SEILER said...

Beautiful! Rockwell is my favorite illustrator, you've captured him very well! BTW, I love your more loose work like this!!

David Westerfield said...

Very nice drawing. Rockwell was my hero growing up. When I was in college, I wrote him a letter and sent the announcement of my Senior show with my self portrait on it. I got a nice note back from him. I also love Leyendecker. Have you seen this blog?

Thanks for the posts. I'm always looking for inspiration.

Felicity Grace said...

This is perfect, the light is amazing. I don't know if you mean that you feel you should do more shading but if you can create a drawing like this with less lines, why would you need to? It's much harder to pull this off!

Cezanne Art Design said...

excellent drawing!!

Vejo o seu blog todos os dias.
e sempre me impressiono...
Parabéns, você é genial

Cézar Matos

Anonymous said...

I thought you might enjoy this story that we did on a Florida woman who's family served as models for Normal Rockwell.


Katy Widrick
Executive Producer,

Weberson Santiago said...