Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Book of Drawings coming soon!

Hi blogger friends. Like the neighborhood I grew up in. Still makes me nostalgic to come back to where it all began, a simpler time of posting art and thoughts for others to come by and interact at a slower pace.

Alas, the world has changed and I apologize for not sharing my latest work over here. Let me know if there are still visitors and I'll make an extra effort. Regardless I wanted to share my upcoming project. I'm going to launch a Kickstarter campaign next Tuesday June 27th. The time has finally come to compile my best drawings into a book with good high quality prints for anyone who would like one. Please come on over, I'll post when I launch, but you can get a heads up by signing up for my mail list at DaveMalan.com. There will be some early bird discounts and a few originals you won't want to miss.


Mike Blake Studio said...

Hey, I still check back here whenever there is an update! A book of sketches sounds pretty amazing! Are these sketches going to involve your illustration/narrative/children projects as well? (hopefully?!) ^_^

David Malan said...

Hey Mike! Thanks. This book will just be drawings. that seems to be where the most demand is, I'm trying to figure this whole thing out so maybe in the future I can offer different variations.

Erich Jon said...

I still check here now and then. Always looking forward to one of your wonderful drawings. Their structure is so strong, yet wispy and light. Very nourishing. Thanks for sharing what you do.