Tuesday, March 18, 2014

drawing #70

I thought it was time to get a nicer scan of a drawing. This drawing was shared a couple posts down. I like the photo look, it feels closer to the more real feeling of holding the drawing. But it's also nice to analyze an accurate representation of it scanned in.

It's my delightful little boy drawn with a mechanical pencil on a 9"x12" sketchbook. Yes, it was from a photograph, we were lucky to get him to hold still for the split second it takes to get a photo a 4 hour drawing session is probably unrealistic. I did get a quick life drawing once while he paused to watch a few seconds of a show, I'll try to share someday.


Johan said...

I love sketching my kids from life, but as you say they don't sit still (even when watching tv it's only max a couple of mins before they change pose)

Haven't done this in a few weeks myself so thanks for reminding me... must get to it again!

Unknown said...

I love your drawing style, particularly they way you hatch. I'm trying incorporate the style in my own drawings. Have you discussed anywhere, or do you have a tutorial, on your hatching technique.

David Malan said...

Thanks Johan. Good luck!

Perry, no I am often asked so I really need to do something but as of yet I'm afraid not. The only real trick was that I liked the free hatching look and kept trying to make it look natural in my own drawings until one day it did (after multiple years).

David Malan said...

Thank you very much for the kind words, EpiK. I appreciate your comment.