Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Figure drawing #64

Finally got some photos of a recent figure drawing. I liked the pose a lot. My little boy managed to step on it before I could get a picture so it has the added character of a hole and a small foot print to provide the finish.

Below are some process shots.
The first is the gesture phase, maybe 3 minutes but it probably has a better flow to it, less stiff, but the long pose is a couple hours so you can't blame her.
The last is the halfway point after working out the placement and proportions and before the value work. Hopefully it is useful to somebody.


Mark Robison said...

Where's the venue for these figure sessions?

David Malan said...

We do these at Avalanche, typically weekly. Nice to get a little practice/outlet.

Mark Robison said...

I didn't know you worked at Avalanche -- I always thought you were a full-time freelancer.

Unknown said...

this is so impressive!

Unknown said...

this is so impressive!!!