Monday, April 01, 2013


A recent painting done for The New Era magazine of a sick young girl.


Anonymous said...

i very rarely find anything disturbing at all in your work, and for some time i have enjoyed each and every new entry of yours.

on this girl, i find myself asking why are the bottoms of the girls forearms (close to her elbows, where the sleeves start) shaded/painted with horizontal strikes all of a sudden rather than just continuing with the vertical strokes.

(i understand theres not always an answer to each "why" in painting, just something that caught my eye.)

great work nonetheless!


chris brothers said...

I really like this one.

ArinWaldan said...

she reminds me of Hayley McFarland did you draw your imagination from her ?

David Malan said...

Ha, you are right she does. But no she was painted using some reference shots of a neighbor.