Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A painting I did a couple months back for the Friend magazine. This is one that I spent long enough on it I lost track of what I liked and didn't like. That seems like a constant problem, I am always wishing I could see something with fresh eyes.


Cindy Jackson said...

beautiful painting, I think the characters and found what were looking for!

Mark Robison said...

Turned out great, imho. Everyone else loved it too.

Anonymous said...

hm, why are there so many crickets?


David Malan said...

Cindy, they did!

Thanks Mark,I still think the composition is the best aspect.

Erik, that sounds like a comment about nobody visiting my blog. I live in Utah, there was a miraculous event when the pioneers first arrived where swarms of crickets where eating their early crops then seagulls arrived to eat the crickets and save the day. This illustrated a story related to that.

Anonymous said...

i am not from the states and i have never heard the story before. i have your blogspot bookmarked, and i do click it occasionally to see any new works you have, but still didnt manage to stumble upon the story itself.

sorry to ask about the obvious :)


David Malan said...

No problem at all Erik, it is not a widely known story outside of Utah.
Thanks for visiting.