Tuesday, April 12, 2011

more plagiarizing #4

This time from the great Nicholi Fechin. I got a very nice book from the Nucleus gallery bookstore that had some fantastic drawings. For some reason its really hard to find a good book of this masters work. Does anyone have the Balcomb book? Does is have good drawings in it? His paintings are interesting but its really the drawings I am interested in.

I was just drawing with my usual mechanical pencil but thinking to really get anything close to those nice lines you need to be working with the edge of a stick of charcoal. This one was done that way and got a lot closer.

I start all my head drawings with a light circle, you can see it coming across her lower cheek, I usually erase anything noticeable.


Susan Hediger-Matteson said...

Now I can pay you back for all the great art I come to see here.

I recommend the book: Drawings by Nicolai Fechin. There are also some prints of his works available at this same site. This is offered by his granddaughter, Nikki.


David Malan said...

Great, thanks a lot Susan, I'll check that book out.

Mads Lohre said...

I've been looking for something similar myself, so thanks!