Friday, November 05, 2010

Figure #42

Last weeks figure drawing. While this was done on my sketchbook 9"x12" with my trusty .3B mechanical pencil, I've really warmed up to a new technique with my large figure drawings and as soon as I get around to getting some pictures I'll describe it.

Bonus! if you look close you may be able to see the llama portrait I drew last night.


Tom Giles said...

cool. you do these at work, or do you take weekend classes?

and are you going to post the llama? I can barely see it on this one.

David Malan said...

Tom, we have a Friday morning drawing session. I wish I could find the time to do it a little more.
We'll see on the Llama.

Tim Wilmsen said...

Hi David,

I like your drawing style very much.
This is the first time I see your blog. Great work! Keep up the good work! Tim

Hattermad said...

I love my .3, it and my .9 are all I really need.