Monday, November 02, 2009


I had a request from workmate Casey Nelson for a Halloween poster of a monster family member. This is my contribution done with pencil and a Sharpie pen on a big poster board, I really used to love Sharpies for artwork in high school but these days I rarely get the opportunity to use one.

On the Halloween note check out Kevin Keele's ridiculously cool pumpkin and timely warning about trunk or treating.

Stay tuned for some coloring.


Manoj Sinha said...

Great! It's as good as your Vampire( posted on 14th August). Waiting 4 color one.

Aaron Wilkin said...

Nice!!! Very cool Frankenstein. I used to really like sharpie work too!!!

Eugen Caitaz said...

Hi!!! How was your Halloween!!!! look on my pumpkins!!!