Tuesday, July 14, 2009

figure #33

A figure drawing from not too long ago. I thought this guy was awesome to draw he had a really interesting boney figure that was just really interesting, and he was extremely friendly. I was happy with some of the character I got out of the lines especially on that arm though now I wish I had been able to emphasize the great lines even more.

Sorry for the slow progress lately, a new home and the baby who just gets cuter makes art production difficult.


Tina said...

The combination of strong and interesting features and good company made for a good sitting for sure. I like how he sets his jaw, and the intensity of his eyes. Great arm lines and posturing, nice David!
Thanks for the baby link you posted in the comments section of previous post, July 9th, and link to second baby pic in this post. Limitless wonderment there, so much love and inspiration.

pve design said...

oh - please draw or paint that cute baby.... they grow up ugly fast. tee hee.

Mary Bullock said...

Love the arm position - great job!
And what a cute baby - she is growing up so fast! Yes - please paint a picture of her.

Tati Viana said...

I like thin guys...
And I love your artworks! They're amazing! :D