Wednesday, December 10, 2008

*Updated* Figure drawing #26

Update- I had some time last night so I took a while and improved the figure drawing done a couple weeks ago. I added some darks and smoothed the shading. The drawing becomes necessarily more generic as I worked because the model isn't there and I have no reference except the digital image of the original. I think it helped quite a bit to just take it and focus on the finish without the worries that are rushing through your head as you try to finish in the time that the model is there sitting for you.

Chacoal on paper 18"x24"
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andres alvez said...

Muy buenos trabajos!!!!!

Deb Schmit said...

Nice David!
I've been suffering through a portrait this last few days. I've gotten stuck tightening too much beyond the face. So frustrating!
Especially when I reach the hands, grr!!!

Anyway, fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Hi david, i stumbled upon your blog
(a link from Lucong's) and i think
you're making pretty good stuff.
Espacialy your drawings.

I was looking at your Great artists
section and just like you, i'm a
big fan of Mucha. So you like is
oil paintings? Maybe you'd like to know that The SLAV EPIC series are
not oils, ther're egg temperas on
canvas...and they're HUGE!!
Among the 20 plates, many are
240 x 390 inches.

I known...i just can't beleive it
myself. He was indeed one of the
greatest artist ever but
unfortunetly, he is still labelled
as an ''illustrator'' only...
Glad he's in your top list.
He deserves it.

Krystyna81 said...

I am truly amazed...fantastic work here and on you website as well.

All the best to you!

Ray Creations said...

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