Monday, December 29, 2008

in progress

I found a really interest statue in the St. Vitus cathedral in Prague this spring. Obviously a Christ statue but a great medieval look to it.

Besides the great view from the tower this cathedral had the greatest Alphonse Mucha stained glass window.


Unknown said...

A very nice rendering of a very interesting Jesus. And wow, I didn't know Mucha did stained glass too. That guy was a gifted artist.

TSL said...

Yes, medieval look to it! Very intense and commanding. I love what you have done so far. (still in progress?) Especially drawn to the sleeve draping. I once did a cemetery statue and fought the inclination to correct wrist and feet sizing on my painting as they were oversized on statues. I was disturbed about a female angel having male looking feet and wrists, but painted them as they were anyway. As always, love your work, David.

Anonymous said...

I am with the person above. Great draping, commanding intensity, and though I am new to viewing blogs, yours is by far the most interesting I've come across. G. Allen

Anonymous said...


I forgot to paste the link for the Sureguard Matte Special (there are many other Sureguard types, but this is the one that works best for what you need)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sketch! That statue must have been something to see.

Anonymous said...


My first message was lost or refused, I forgot to write my name.

I was telling you about a photo retouching spray (Sureguard Matte Special), which coats oil paintings with a perfect finish, matting out the glossy colors and giving a bit of a shine on matte ones, so all look even and unified perfectly.

Just make sure they are bone dry, and for that I use WN Oleopasto, and alkyd medium, which dries oils in a few hours.

I just love your work, and I think your jerk teacher is scared to death for having a student whose drawing skills probably overcomes his own.

You probably have so much more to teach than what you have to learn, so if you don't have fun on your classes, why attending at all? You don't need shallow bitter criticism, you are a terrific artist, and surely deserve better respect than that.

Cheers from Brazil, and all the best to you and to the ones you love.

David Malan said...

Thanks a lot each of you,

Tina-Thanks, some of the quirky proportions definitely add to the appeal.

Montalvo- Thanks a lot for the tip, I will try that spray. After the class is all done I've decided it had some advantages, I really pushed myself and had to do the really uncomfortable gesture drawings that I don't prefer. I think the time spent pushed my skills but the guy was indeed a jerk. I hope to visit Brazil some day my brother used to live there and says its the best.

Ken said...


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I'm sure you will love spending some time in Brazil, and I'd be very glad to welcome you in São Paulo anytime.

I can recommend you some places I have spent vacations, if you want. Just e-mail me and I'll list them for you.

Bye now.