Wednesday, December 03, 2008

figure drawing #22

NuPastel on paper 18"x24"

I wonder if it is ever possible to be truly happy with a figure drawing. Doubt it.


Unknown said...

I get the same feeling.
After all my figure drawing sessions I feel unhappy ( but my work is less impressive than yours).

But I can say it: when I see your figure drawing work, I feel motivation and i'm waiting for the next drawing session.

Mr. Loulou

Unknown said...

Ha! Only if you are obliviously happy.

All the same, yours are quite nice.

MANPOLO said...

"Paint what inspires you." They way I saw it, inspired work will always be an artist's very best work .

Keep up the inspired work. Don't worry; Be Happy :)

TSL said...

Adore the drawing of your neice, so sweet. She is a precious child I know because that certainly came through in your drawing. Moreover I would have loved taking a turn at drawing this model. Great angles, great features he has. Thanks for posting your work, cuz I luvs it.

Anonymous said...

For most people, figure drawing should be regarded as a (useful/necessary) exercise, and your exercises are absolutely good. But you can't be satisfied unless you draw what you really like.
One question: I do love drawing with "carré" (I mean the square sticks like Conté or NuPastels), but unfortunately they soon lose their sharp edges, which makes them useless. Using sandpaper doesn't help, as the edge you get is not regular. You have the same problem? Any suggestion?

Anonymous said...

'you kidding me? I'm already unhappy looking at my own work. Looking at your work is making me MORE unhappy!