Thursday, October 16, 2008

keeping a low profile

I think things are getting a little better with my night course. I have figured out how to do just enough of what the teacher wants to keep him off my back, but still do what I want to do. I do think the many gesture drawings that we do is a useful exercise for me. This one was maybe 10-15 minutes, I kind of rush through it to see how far I can get.
What I like about this is that it seems I got a good feeling of weight here.


Mike Manley said...

Very nice, you captured the weight well in this one.

I always feel the rush when doing these drawings as well and sometimes like the 10 minute more than the 20-30 minute drawings I do.

jean-baptiste Andreae said...

Hello, i'm a french comic drawer and illustrator, and I recently discovered your blog with a real great pleasure. What a wonderful drawer you are ! I don't speak good enough english to say all I would want, but in one word : GREAT !!! ( And I really don't understand your "teacher" of living models )

I'll be back often.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Man, Dave, I wish my "rushed" work looked this good.

Nathan Lindsay said...

"a good feeling of weight" is probably the last thing the model wanted you to capture. This is really good dave.

Anonymous said...

Your teacher doesn't recognize genius when he sees it. Thanks for your blog.

Liron Topaz said...

I was a bit confused at the beginning, since I read this post before the previous one explaining about the teacher. I thought to myself, what teacher does he have?! These are super professional and appealing, I love the way you use shapes to block in your forms. I really like your long poses, the way you block in the light and shadow is really appealing. How do you work with charcoal but keep it so accurate?

Keep it up would love to see more.

Peter Breese said...

These are wonderful. With respect to the sense of weight, I think this particular image not only displays a physical presence, but it also looks natural. Some folks are so obsessed with trying to create a particular style that the image collapses.

I'm sorry your having to bother with this fellow. Sadly, sometimes the old saying "those who cannot do, teach," is true. Of course there are many many wonderful instructors out there, he just isn't one of them.

Pointpusher said...

I am absolutely flabbergasted to read someone is not excited as all heck to have a skill like yours in their studio taking a class.

I don't know your instructor, but I wonder if perhaps he's a bit intimated by your skill level?

I come to this site often as a source of inspiration and if nothing else it's refreshing to see someone at your level still taking classes and trying to improve. Keep on truckin' man, and I think your work is wonderful.