Wednesday, September 24, 2008

slouching figure

This figure drawing is a couple years old but I have always really liked it. It is quick and loose but the model really had that slouch that I think is conveyed naturally.

No one ever does figure drawings in these kind of stale, realistic poses. But I like them.


Unknown said...

Estimated David; you are a wonderful artist.
All my respect and admiration for you and his(her,your) art.
An affectionate greeting.
Diego Dayer

Carlos León Sancha said...


Unknown said...

Its hard to draw poses like that and make them look good. Even when they are accurate they can look weird due to the pose. You did a great job with this one though.

Sam Nielson said...

This is really nice. It makes me wish we would have our Friday models have to stand more often.

Deb Schmit said...

Nice David,
I always love the honesty you portray in your work.
...and Oh HOW I LONG for a figure drawing session!!!
Must figure out a way to get one going again.
We had one for professional artists out here a few years ago, but somehow it turned into old lady amateurs group painting dew drops on rose petals.
sorry...may have told you this story before...

I'll check in later.

Martin Wittig said...

I agree! I love the sloutch in the pose, it does look very natural. YOu have a great style in your life drawings,..and your paintings are full of personality and wit, thank you!

Unknown said...

Nice. I likes it Dave.

Anonymous said...

Great drawing!