Monday, July 30, 2007

Joe who?

From the crazy mind of the great Joe Olsen comes my newest illustration. Joe's always got insane drawings that lend themselves to painting so well. So Ryan Wood did an beautiful version that you can see here, and inspired me to have a go at it. Initially I was satisfied with my first color pass, then I took another look at Ryan's and after the deep depression wore off, I had to go back for another couple hours to produce this version that is much better(though still far short of Ryan's).

Also: Check out Sam Nielson's awesome version here. He's done a killer job of creating a 3D feel that I am very envious of. Very original take too, mine may have been too heavily influenced by Ryan's.


Sam Nielson said...

It's definitely got a different character to it than Ryan's, but I think yours is great in its own right.

SEILER said...

Looks great man!

Anders said...

ahahah! another terrific version of this character!

Oliver Chipping said...

This is great... I love how buggy his eyes look here! adds a lot to the character.

natalie malan said...

I love this one too. He's cool. I bet he'd tell you to eat your pears.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Found you from Natalie's See Jane Scrapbook blog. GOOD GOLLY there is way to much talent between the two of you! :)

Had to go look at Ryan's drawing after your comment. Now you have to realize I am just an untalented regular person. But from what I see and like I prefer your take on the painting of Joe. I wouldn't have taken the time to comment otherwise! lol

Fabulous stuff I totally enjoyed the stroll threw your site. Glad Natalie had to much Excedrin (caffeine)