Thursday, June 29, 2006

Online Swamp Wading

So I have probably by now logged about 2 billion hours surfing the net in search of good art. I have learned its like finding a diamond in a wheat field. I've found a few and I know there are more out there, but I get so frustrated trying to find them. It takes hours and hours of wading through bad art, worthless galleries and mind-numbing flash animations to look for it. Most days I find nothing but the sickening feeling I get from senseless modern art. Actually I have the same problem in libraries, bookstores, art museums and in art galleries, its not a lack of art, its a lack of good art.
I like the blog setup. Here is a really convenient way to visit a lot of artists quickly, all linked together. I have noticed there is still a lack of traditional skills and an over-abundance of flat design illustration, but we're definitely getting closer.
I plan on posting my comprehensive list of good artists I've found to date soon.

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