Monday, January 07, 2008


This is our friends kid, if you haven't drawn kids for a while you should try it. Its difficult, this is probably the fourth attempt to get the head structure right.
Also you may notice the other drawing overlapping on the lower right corner, I mess up a lot of my drawings trying to fit them into the page.


Anonymous said...

Hello David
To become very good ilustracion!
Have much realism

I am not tired of seeing your work

A greeting

Dillon Thompson said...

Quit while you are ahead, Dave.

Just kidding, this looks amazing. I find that kids are the hardest to draw. Good work.

Kevin Keele said...

Congratulations on doing a pencil portrait of a child without it looking creepy and a-symmetrical. I keep trying to draw my son, but you're right kids are hard.

Dave McClellan said...

Drawing children is hard. Drawing children and getting a likeness that makes their mom happy is harder.

MONROY said...

Very nice work in your blog!!

Fer R. Monroy(Illustrator)

SEILER said...

This is really nice David. Drawing kids is difficult, I'm working on one here and there of my baby girl Ava, it's hard to draw your own kids too.

Antonio Fernandez said...

The face is really nice.

Very good

JeremySaliba said...

for what it's worth, i think you've done an amazing job on the proportions and structure. excellent work sir.

Ashley said...

Wow that looks just like Eden. That is fabulous!!