Monday, December 17, 2007


A drawing of Shimon Peres, I did it for Bryan Larsen's guest sketchbook, Bryan's a great artist check out his portfolio or the blog. Bryan's blog has a closer look at the drawing, but for this one I wanted to use an old composition style. Maybe you've seen old portrait drawings that are small and centered on a large paper allowing a lot of empty space to frame the drawing. Pencil on paper, the old paper texture was also added afterwords for interest.


Anders said...

Dave, this is an awesome portrait, one of my favourite of yours! really excellent, bravo!
and thanks a lot for the discover of Bryan Larsen's work, really outstanding!

SEILER said...

Beautiful work Dave, your drawings are always so inspiring!

Andrew Bosley said...

Amazing stuff, Dave! Great draftsmanship(sp?) and so much character in your portraits! I'll be a regular visitor!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work!

Your works have an incredible realism

Brian Kohrman said...

I love your sketch style.