Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I have been fielding a lot of questions about the brushes I use so I thought I would just post it so I could refer people here in the future. (These are in Corel Painter)

This picture is a nearly comprehensive list of the brushes that I use in order of their frequency:

1-This is a custom brush made by the great Ryan Wood(you can probably make something similar using a round oil pastel brush and adjusting in the brush editor). It is really basic, I like that it picks up some of the underlying color and is a solid stroke.

2-The felt tip pen, I use this brush for nearly all line work and sometimes to darken areas. As I begin to lose the structure of a painting I use the hard felt lines to reestablish those interesting shapes.(example)

3-2B-pencil, very useful basic soft edge, all-purpose tool. I can soften edges, do linework, and fix blending areas.(example)

4-Digital airbrush, similar to 2B but it creates kind of a diffusion with random colors, sometimes I want the color variation,usually just on the underpainting.

5-Smeary wet sponge 160, sometimes a cool tool for grainy edges and building up color.(example)

6-F-X Glow brush sometimes useful for lighting up an area or adding highlights, I rarely use it.

I am really not a tool or software guy. I usually just find something that works and stick with it, that is why my oil painting brushes are so trashed. But hopefully this helps any interested in the brushes that I use. Questions?


Dillon Thompson said...

I like it Dave. I don't know why I just do. Oh and the "how too" was cool too.

At first I thought it was a shiny orb sphere with hairs around it.

Anders said...

just a simple thank you Dave! ^^

Anonymous said...

its painter? thanks

David Malan said...

Yes, Corel Painter

naturegirl said...

Dave- Do you use a pen tablet to draw on with the Corel Painter? If so, which one?

David Malan said...

Yes, I use a wacom Intos 3 tablet sized 9x12 I guess.
Unforunately I don't have the talent to draw with the mouse.

Simson said...

I have a question-what's name of brush nr 1?Im searching this brush in brushes palette in Painter,but i can't find it.Thx for answer.Cheers

David Malan said...

Simson, The first brush is not standard, it is custom but you can probably make something similar using a Round oil pastel brush as your base.