Tuesday, January 21, 2014


A painting done last week for The Weekly Standard. I got nearly 2 days on this a whole day more then typical. So although it was a quick turnaround I had a little more time to simmer with it, a slightly less frantic pace gave me a chance to stick with the drawing longer and be more methodical. I felt like the rendering turned out much better. For your enjoyment I've included an animation below of the steps. The great art director over there requested up a sized up beard which was the right call of course and improved the feel but I wish I had thought of this earlier to incorporate it better into the piece. It's funny how you get your head down in the work and you don't see things that should be obvious but are not because you aren't looking for them.


Fitzzz said...

Very nice, Thanks for including animation of the steps. Like Ben's original beard on this piece though.

Mark Robison said...

Great piece David.