Monday, October 11, 2010

sketchbook #35

Getting back on the horse after too many projects around the house.


Alex said...

Wow, a very lively looking sketch! As all of your sketches are :)

What kind of pencils do you use for such sketches? I'm particularly interested in the hardness. When I try to do a sketch with a slightly black pencil (HB or 2B), the lines look too faint. And yet, when I get something like 6B, the point becomes blunt very soon and it can no longer produce thin lines required for details.

I'd be happy to hear an advice from such a pro like you! Thanks :)

David Malan said...

Thanks Alex, I use B I think but it is with a .3 lead mechanical pencil. It's harder with a regular pencil unless you've got a good electrical sharpener sitting close by. It does run through the lead pretty quick.
Thanks again.

Sadami said...

Dear David,
Coooool! So nice and beautiful! Thank you for sharing the info on pencils.
Kind regards, Sadami

Deb Schmit said...

As always!
I love the contrasts here David.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave
I have just discovered your work and I love it. It's very interesting and I think it's generous of you to share your knowledge. I learned a lot. You never thought to make occasional video of your sketches ?
It would be very instructive for us to see the process.
Caroline (from France)

Anonymous said...

What are the dimensions of this sketch? If you're using a .3 mech pencil, the sketch is 5x7" or smaller, no?

David Malan said...

Thanks guys,
Caroline, I'll try to do that sometime soon.

Jedi, I use a sketchbook thats about 9x12" this covers maybe 2/3rds so yeah 5x7" is close.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Great work, as always.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you draw... a lot

Anonymous said...

beautiful !