Monday, March 23, 2009

figure portrait

A couple weeks I did this portrait at our weekly figure drawing session. I only had my sketchbook and it is very tricky to do a full figure with my usual .3 size lead mechanical pencil so I typically do a portrait. It is less free then most drawings because I worry more about the measurements on these.
Excuse the image, I gave him the drawing and only had this poor quality digital image left. I've decided my policy is only to give away a drawing if they really really act like they want it and go to the trouble of asking. I'm usually pretty willing but a) I feel very presumptuous offering ("I am so sure you want this fantastic drawing I did, right?") and b) I am not sure how much they want it, I would usually prefer to keep it. He asked about getting a copy but when he got the original seemed less then ecstatic.


whoreray/redfive said...

Perhaps he felt bad for taking it? Or maybe he thought you didn't like it, since you were giving it away.
Dunno, those are my theories. It's a great drawing.

Jason Seiler said...

Awesome line hatching . . . really nice piece!

Lash LeRoux said...

Great, as always, Dave. I'm constantly amazed at how you can indicate form with a minimal amount of lines and crosshatching. Superb!

Mary Bullock said...

Great sketch - love the shape of his head.
How is the new baby? Are you getting any sleep?

David Malan said...

Thanks for the comments,

No Mary, as I predicted, no sleep and n time for artwork. Actually I have the tie it's just hard to paint or draw with a baby sleeping in my arms.

Jala Pfaff said...

Excellent drawing.